Nursing school is harder than anyone who hasn’t gone through it can imagine. That’s why you need a tutor who understands. The amount of assigned reading is overwhelming, the exams test at an extremely high level of knowledge and are deliberately demanding, and the passing standard is exceedingly high and success must be demonstrated continuously every semester. Professional tutoring can help preserve your sanity, reduce anxiety, better your understanding, and improve your grades. Dan tutors Medication Calculations, Health Assessment, Fundamentals, Med-Surg, Pediatrics, and Pharmacology. Dan can help identify testable points, reinforce knowledge, clearly explain fundamental concepts, connect you with helpful study resources, and evaluate your progress.

Dan graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.73 GPA from Salem State College in 2006. He won the two highest awards for graduating seniors and was presented with a “You Make A Difference” certificate by the Dean of Academic Support Services for his contributions to the college as an Anatomy, Physiology, and General Chemistry tutor. Dan has worked at Salem State College, Laboure College, and Roxbury Community College in addition to his independent tutoring while helping thousands of nursing students succeed in their nursing program and then go on to pass the NCLEX over the past decade.

Client Testimonials:

“I owe passing my med calculation quiz to Dan. I hate math and I simply just do not understand the concept. But coming to him and doing example problems and actually seeing how to solve them step by step really helped me greatly.” - Johanne A.

“Sometimes you just need to look at the picture differently to help you learn and understand more, and Dan can help with that.” - Mercedes D.

“I am always thankful and grateful that your tutoring gave me that little extra tool that kept me ahead of the bunch.” – Stephanie J.

“I reached out to Dan when I was having difficulty during my last semester of nursing school. I was taking a course that reviewed all the systems again and was an intensive NCLEX prep. My first exam I got a 70%, and knew that I needed to reach out and find tutoring. I met weekly with Dan, sometimes bi-weekly, and I cannot even explain how beneficial his tutoring was. Tutoring one on one is a great way to learn, and he does such a great job at explaining concepts, pointing out valuable information, and giving tips on how to remember things. He would always tell me “this is very testable material” and really helped me guide my studying both through tutoring and on my own. Throughout the semester, I improved dramatically on each test, and by my final I received an 86. With Dan’s help I was able to pass nursing school (phew) and also pass the NCLEX on my first try. I highly recommend him not only as a tutor for nursing school, but everyone should take his 4 hour NCLEX review course as well. Thank you Dan!” - Hope L.