Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology is one of the most challenging undergraduate classes. Anatomy & Physiology is often the workload of two classes with the lab component proving at least as difficult as lecture. The class moves quickly, demands a large time commitment, covers a ton of material, and requires learning a whole new language. Many students find themselves overwhelmed. They struggle to identify what material is most important so they spend their time highlighting or underlining every other sentence in the book. They don’t know how to go about studying so much material in such a short, pressured amount of time.

Professional tutoring with Dan is an effective way to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your studying time. Dan can help deepen your understanding of the material, show study techniques to improve retention, identify testable points, and improve test-taking skills. Dan provides students with focused notes, explains tricky concepts, and connects students with practice questions and helpful tutorials.

Dan has been tutoring undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology since 2004. In that time he has helped hundreds of students. He was awarded a “You Make A Difference” certificate by the Dean of Academic Support Services at Salem State College in 2005. Dan currently tutors Anatomy & Physiology at Laboure College in Dorchester, MA in addition to his independent tutoring.

Client Testimonials:

“After a session with him you leave feeling a lot less confused. All your questions are answered very thoroughly. He has a lot of useful hints and online resources that are really helpful. He’s a great tutor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone struggling with A&P!”- Krystelle G.


“He is very helpful. Knows his stuff inside and out. I plan on seeing Dan in the near future for my nursing classes.”– Ellice C.


“I love the animation of his teaching. He can break down a term so that anyone can understand it.” – Ashlie