Are you worried about not passing your classes? Are you in danger of falling a semester behind and losing thousands of dollars by failing to get the required grade in your nursing class? Do you feel like you study for hours without actually retaining anything? Do you find yourself highlighting every other sentence with no idea what material is actually important? Does your professor just read straight from her power point presentations and you struggle to identify testable points? Are you struggling to pass the NCLEX, the very last step of a long and demanding journey? Is the stress of your nursing education keeping you from happiness?

Professional tutoring with Dan can do more than better your grades; it can better your life. Dan tutors a variety of subjects all clustered within his specialty of undergraduate nursing education and human biology. Dan offers in-person tutoring for clients in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas, and Dan tutors students from across the country through Skype videoconferencing.

  • Dan helps nursing students excel in their classes.
  • Dan tutors Anatomy & Physiology to help make the language and inner workings of the body accessible to students.
  • Dan prepares students for the nursing board exam, the NCLEX-RN for Registered Nurses and NCLEX-PN for Licensed Practical Nurses. Dan has a near perfect NCLEX pass rate with students who had never previously attempted the exam. He has helped students who had failed up to seven times previously, and students who had been out of school for up to fifteen years, finally pass.

Dan even developed his own novel curriculum for a jam-packed, 4-hour NCLEX prep class that opened in May 2012 to rave reviews. This one-of-a-kind NCLEX prep class offers its students the maximum return on their time and investment by focusing on quality instead of quantity. The curriculum exclusively focuses on the most-testable material such as Lab Values, Prioritization and Delegation, Pharmacology, Endocrine Disorders, and more. Students also receive exclusive written study materials. In just four hours, students learn about the best study resources, how to structure their independent studying to get optimal results, and strengthen their knowledge of the core subjects that are most likely to appear on the exam. And all for only $65.

Groups of six or more can hire Dan to run his class privately.

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