Dan Clinton is a Registered Nurse, CPR and First Aid Instructor, Professional Anatomy, Physiology, Nursing, and NCLEX tutor, Researcher, Proud Father, and overall swell guy. Dan channels his passion for helping others through his businesses, striving to fulfill the American dream of succeeding through altruism, hard work, persistence, and ingenuity. As a CPR and First Aid Instructor, he offers comprehensive American Heart Association CPR and First Aid instruction throughout Massachusetts and the New England area.

Dan graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing¬†and a Minor in Human Biology¬†(he missed Summa by 0.02 points which still irks him just a little bit). Dan won the two highest awards for graduating seniors, was voted “Student Speaker” by his peers at the Nursing Recognition Ceremony, and was awarded a “You Make A Difference” Certification by the Dean of Student Support Services for his service to the college as a peer tutor. Dan started tutoring Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry to his peers in 2004, and he now enjoys tremendous success as Boston’s premier nursing tutor.

His talents as an entrepreneur were recognized when he taught a “How To Start Your Own Successful Part-Time Tutoring Business” class for Acton-Boxborough Community Education in 2011. Dan currently focuses his efforts on tutoring, running 4-Hour prep classes for the nursing board exam using a novel, jam-packed curriculum of his own design that opened to rave reviews and have been selling out since May 2012, providing quality CPR and First Aid education throughout Massachusetts, and working clinically providing nursing care to children and young adults with complex medical conditions in their home. Dan was hired by Roxbury Community College in 2016 as a Nursing Support Specialist to help improve NCLEX pass rates. Dan offered all graduating students 16-hours of focused NCLEX prep which helped generate a 31% year-over-year improvement in the college’s NCLEX-RN pass rate and a 23% improvement in the NCLEX-PN pass rate. Dan also developed a 24-Hour curriculum to help international nurses succeed on the NCLEX-RN in collaboration with the Welcome Back Center at Bunker Hill Community College.

Dan lives in Bradford, Massachusetts, he loves challenging himself in diverse ways, he prides himself on the quality of his work and his ability to help students succeed, he likes to think his ties match his shirts impeccably, and he secretly resents when someone asks him to break them off a piece of his Kit Kat bar. There are only four pieces. Dan feels that’s a big imposition.